Spring 2007 was my first season hunting turkeys, and on the advice from many, I
had a seasoned turkey hunter do the calling for me.  I watched, I took mental
notes, and I learned, and by the end of the season, I harvested a Tom and a Jake.

When Spring 2008 came along, I decided that I would do my own calling, and so   
. . . Armed with a Knight and Hale push button call, I harvested a 20 lb Tom.  I
worked several birds, many times, during the season, but not quite good enough
to bring them in close enough for a shot.  Finally, late in the season, I called in
and harvested my second Tom for the year using one of the custom slate calls
made by Bob Reilly.

When Spring 2009 arrived, I did all of my own calling with a diaphragm call .  It
wasn't too bad, but just not good enough to seal the deal.  It was a tough season
for everyone as the weather was horrible in the first few weeks and the birds
were call shy by the time I actually found them.  It took me weeks just to harvest
my first bird of the season.

2010 was by far, the most successful and the most exciting season yet.  My 10
year old daughter, Deidre, harvested her first bird on Youth Day, followed by my
first bird of the season only 2 days later on opening day.  Both were beautiful,
mature Toms.  My second bird of the season was my first doubled bearded Tom,
and my third was a handsome late season Tom.  All 4 gobblers were successfully
caught on film, so look to see them on
Drop Tine's Outdoor Realities, Turkey
Tales, Vol. 4.
05/06/2008 Called In With a
Slate Call made by
Bob Reilly.
Ms Grit's Turkey Hunting Page
20 lbs, 10" Beard
5/8" Spurs
19 lbs
1" Spurs
9 1/2" Beard
20 lbs
7/8" Spurs
9 1/2" Beard
23 lbs
10 1/2 inch beard
1 1/8 inch spurs
8 3/4 inch beard
3/4 inch spurs
          04/24/2010                                       04/26/2010
              23 lbs                                                 23 lbs
     8 3/4 inch beard                           10 1/2 inch beard
       3/4 inch spurs                              1 1/8 inch spurs
20 lbs
First Beard 9 3/4 inches
Second Beard 7 1/2 inches
Spurs 3/4 inches
20 lbs
10 1/2 inch beard
Spurs 1 1/4 inches