We started in a swamp buggy with two dogs
caged in the back.  The main guide explained the
gun parts and safety button to Matt.  He is also
familiar with me having guns and knows how to
hold and be responsible with them.  We both
ended up using a 243 Rifle.  The main guide then
let Matt take a few practice shots.  He has shot a
gun before and done well with the boy scouts.

So, off we go and the decision is made that if we
see tusks, I shoot, and if we don't, Matt shoots.  
Well, we didn't see anything, so released the dogs
and they were on a boar rather quickly, but they
were in some real thick swamp brush.  My only
and major complaint is that the one dog would
NOT get off the boar and I would NOT shoot while
he was so close.  Safety on, safety off, safety on,
safety off.  Damn Dawg . . . Stupid Dawg . . . I
eventually got off a shot, but a poor one (hit the
boar in the leg) and the boar ran out of the swamp
weeds and into a clearing where he gave me a
perfect broadside shot, except for Brownie, the
dang dawg.  Finally, when he (the dawg) was far
enough away, I took my second shot, the hog
hunched up, ran about 10 feet and fell on his side.

Matt's turn . . . We rode around in the swamp and
brush and wooded area looking in the shade
because by now it was hot and figured that they,
the hogs, would be looking for some cool cover.  
Nothing, so once again, the dogs were let loose.  
They quickly came upon a few differnt hogs, so
Matt attempted the closest, which was in about 6
feet of real thin swamp grass.  His first shot was a
neck shot and she squeeled and squeeled but did
not run.  The two other guides got off the swamp
buggy and had to physically pull the dogs off,
before Matt could finish off his sow.

The main guide guessed my boar to be at 140-150
and Matt's sow to be around 130, although I think
he was being just a little generous.

A great hunt for both Matt and I.  I am very proud
of Matt's FIRST kill.  He handled the gun in a safe
manner, and he did not hesitate to shoot when
told it was ok to do so.
The Hunt . . .
Ms Grit and son Matt's Florida Hog Hunt 08/16/08